The Wonder Of Ginger

All You Need To Know About Ginger – Health Benefits For Men and Woman, Uses, Side Effects, How To Consume, Dosage and More.

A tropical plant with unusual and beautiful pale yellow-green and purple flowers, ginger is mostly valued for its health benefits(and there are plenty of them).

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Ginger has a lot of health benefits for men and woman. You can consume it it many variations such as tea, powder, raw and more. Lean more here

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the Ancient Remedy

A tropical plant with unusual and beautiful pale yellow-green and purple flowers, ginger is mostly valued for its rhizomes (roots that grow horizontally rather than vertically down). These thick, light brown rhizomes with pale yellow flesh have a very unique and easily distinguishable hot and zesty flavor and also possess bountiful medicinal properties, making ginger a well-known and a very widely used plant.

Fresh ginger root can be used raw or cooked – to make tea, wine, even candy, and it is often added to a variety of both sweet and savory dishes in many cuisines world-over. Usually younger roots are juicier and milder in flavor, while the older the root – the drier it becomes, concentrating and intensifying the spiciness of flavor. In your nearby supermarket you are likely to find ground ginger powder in the spices section – very convenient for use in cooking. Natural food stores and pharmacies will have ginger in capsules or tablets, as a nutritional supplement or as part of a vitamin complex.

One of the oldest spices in the world, ginger has been around for more than five thousand years. Cultivation and use of ginger originated in the island kingdoms of South East Asia. From there it was first brought via sea routes to India and Sri Lanka, and then on the Middle East and the Mediterranean, and today it is quite well spread and grown all over the globe.

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In China it became so popular that they are now world’s largest exporter of this fragrant spice, although India holds the first place in production of ginger – and it’s no wonder! Ginger is a staple in Indian cuisine and a flavor so characteristic of all things Indian, from spiced masala chai tea to delicious gravies and curries.

Should you find yourself in South East Asia – you are also bound to meet ginger in a huge array of dishes and beverages, as it is a much favored addition to many traditional recipes in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, as well as in China, Korea and Japan. And in the Western world no holiday season is complete without the tantalizing gingerbread treats – from rich flavorful cakes to the traditional gingerbread men cookies and gingerbread houses.

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In Europe and North America in the beginning of 20th century ginger started being used to make ginger beer and ginger ale, which was actually originally invented by apothecaries as a remedy for upset stomach, but quickly gained popularity and for a time ginger ale was the biggest soft drink in the US, before today’s market leaders like Coke and Pepsi came around.

Medicinal use of ginger is, in fact, as old as its cultivation. People have always used it for a variety of ailments. In the ancient times it was so revered for its healing powers by different Austronesian peoples that they used it in their religious rituals when praying for health and well-being, as well as for blessings and for protection.

According to Ayurveda – India’s ancient medicinal doctrine – ginger has a “heating” quality and is therefore beneficial for digestion, stimulating the digestive “fire” and promoting better transportation and absorption of nutrients from food. It is also a known remedy for stomach ache, diarrhea and for nausea, either post-surgery or caused by motion sickness.

Ginger also helps your body fight off outsiders, such as bacteria or viruses, by strengthening your immune system. One of the best natural immunity boosters out there is ginger tea, made with chopped fresh ginger, enhanced by fresh lemon – a well-known Vitamin C superpower fruit, and enriched by honey – Nature’s gentle sweetener with plenty of its own vitamins and minerals to nourish and revitalize your body. And thanks to its warming properties ginger will be your best friend during cold and flu season – as well as supporting your immune system, it also soothes sore throat and alleviates coughing.

So take advantage of ginger’s many beneficial qualities and make it a regular on your shopping list – it will be a great addition to both your medicine cabinet and your kitchen spice cupboard!